Robert Kraft's appearance on College Gameday ends super awkwardly

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
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When it was announced that Bill Belichick was going to appear on College Gameday before the Army/Navy game on Saturday, it was an unexpected yet embraced decision that even fans outside New England were looking forward to.

The news got even sweeter when it was announced Robert Kraft would also be making a guest appearance, but the focus quickly shifted to how he would handle the inevitable questions about the Patriots losing season and the future of Belichick with the organization.

Before it became incredibly awkward, Belichick had a blast sitting on the panel with the other hosts, bringing out a vintage Navy helmet and even putting it on for the enjoyment of all watching. It was a rare glimpse of his personality and sense of humor, something many players have touted over the years and certainly created a viral moment.

But the attitude shifted a bit once Kraft showed up to set. Pat McAfee made sure to come in with the hard-hitting questions, which prompted the longtime owner to publicly declare again that the importance for the team is winning, and they hope to do all they can to get back to that.

That was enough of a moment to make headlines over the weekend, but McAfee took it a step further with his follow-up comment.

That is the headline right there. At least, that's what everyone is and will be talking about for the next several days.

Maybe Kraft's reaction to what McAfee was alluding to doesn't mean much and he just chose to simply not answer. That would be the typical way of doing things in New England, so it would seem like there's no reason to put too much thought into Kraft's head shake, seemingly in response to what was said.

On top of that, Kraft had just complimented his staff and the longevity of their tenures with the team, including specifically mentioning Belichick. It seems hard to believe that he would say that and then a few moments later infer the opposite.

Regardless, it created an awkward moment to end a more entertaining appearance for the pair, likely not what either was hoping for. But it also shows where the team is and the inevitable changes that are coming, no matter how extreme they are.

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