Wild Tom Brady stat makes the Patriots 2023 season look even worse

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
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At this point in the Patriots' season, almost everything negative you could possibly think of has been debated, discussed, hypothesized, or reported. From the unlikely futures of Bill Belichick and Mac Jones in New England to setting franchise or league records for their unforgettable poor performance; there hasn't been much good to come out of the 2023 season.

And after their latest embarrassing showing against the Chargers last Sunday, the hits keep coming as more unforeseen records were broken from that game. To put the cherry on top of it all, a stat about Tom Brady's career in New England really demonstrates just how far this team has fallen.

Losing to the Chargers puts the Patriots at five games this season with seven or fewer points scored. As if that's not horrific enough, Brady only had five of those games in his entire 283 games, or 20 years, as the starting quarterback for New England.

It puts their current season under new scrutiny and Brady's incredible career in perspective. It's universally known the Patriots were a dominant team that ran through the NFL every season for twenty years, and then Brady did the same thing for three seasons with the Bucs. Not only did they win a lot of games, but they also scored a lot of points, something they're not doing now, which this stat proves even further.

But the saddest part of all is there are still four more games to be played this year, an opportunity for them to add even more games with seven or fewer points scored by the offense.

Hopefully, that's not the case, mainly for the sake of not needing more embarrassment or disappointment. But if that is the case, at least it brings them that much closer to attaining the first overall pick in the 2024 draft. That's the only silver lining that could be created from this situation.

Statistics say they are almost guaranteed a top-2 pick, a spot they haven't been in over 30 years, and it couldn't come at a more critical time. Mac Jones could be on his way out, or at minimum, headed to the bench, Bill Belichick could be demoted, traded, or fired, and the offense desperately needs a game-changing wide receiver, all of which could be accomplished in a few-week span.

With a stat like this now known, the Patriots should use it and countless others to ensure this recent history is not repeated. They will never find another Tom Brady, but they can find a quarterback who can ensure they score more than seven points in a game.

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