Robert Kraft receives a rude wake-up call from Patriots players

New England Patriots Press Conference
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The second annual NFLPA report card was released on Wednesday morning, and the Patriots scores weren't exactly what team ownership hoped to see. Not much had changed from last year's scores; it mostly got worse.

The survey is a set of questions that every player in the league is asked to answer and can choose to participate or not. They are invited to grade several parts of their experience as a member of the team on a scale of 1-5 and provide any feedback they feel is necessary.

Unfortunately for the Patriots, they head into another offseason with an unfavorable review of the year before. But at the same time, this is probably feedback they wouldn't usually receive, so these surveys can be incredibly beneficial if owners value what their team has to say.

How Robert Kraft responds with actions will surely be another intriguing part of this offseason since most of the low scores fall on his shoulders and his shoulders alone. Perhaps that explains why most of this offseason thus far has been spent trying to pin nearly any and all blame for the lack of success and player's unhappiness on Bill Belichick.

But as you can see from the survey, their grading doesn't reflect that.

The Patriots receive horrific grades in the new NFLPA report card




Treatment of families









Locker room



Training room



Training staff



Weight room



Strength coaches



Team travel



Head coach






Here are the details provided by the NFLPA website

Treatment of families: F-

  • They are one of 12 teams that do not provide a family room during games 
  • They are one of seven teams that do not provide daycare support for players’ children on gameday 
  • They are one of only four teams that do not offer either a family room or daycare

The Patriots are not the only team that received a low score in this category, but it seems ridiculous that any franchise wouldn't have adequate accommodations for families, considering the amount of money the owners have to spend on the team and the facilities.

Food/cafeteria: B-

  • They rank 16th overall in food taste 
  • They rank 16th overall in food freshness 

Nutritionist/dietician: B-

  • 80% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (21st overall)

Locker room: C-

  • Only 77% of players feel like the locker room is big enough (23rd overall) 
  • 93% of players feel like they have enough room in their individual lockers (7th overall)

Training room: C

  • 80% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers (26th overall) 
  • 80% of players feel they have enough full-time physical therapists (22nd overall) 
  • 89% of players feel they have enough hot tub space (14th overall) 
  • 89% of players feel they have enough cold tub space (16th overall) 
  • A number of players report outdated treatment options and that the training room lacks the equipment that players feel should be standard across the league 
  • Some players suggest additional staff, more tables and updates to the room would help meet the team’s needs for training services

Training staff: B-

  • 83% of players feel like they receive enough one-on-one treatment (23rd overall) 
  • The players feel that the training staff moderately contributes to their success (15th overall)

Weight room: F

  • The players feel the quality of their weight room equipment is below average (32nd overall) 
  • The players feel like they do not have enough space in the weight room (32nd overall) 
  • The Patriots are the only team in the NFL with a majority of players feeling that their team’s facility is worse than places they could train offsite

Strength coaches: C-

  • Only 65% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (31st overall) 
  • The players feel that the strength coaches moderately contribute to their success (31st overall)

Team travel: D

  • The players’ ratings of their travel schedule position it as the second worst in the league 
  • Only 73% of the players feel like they have a comfortable amount of personal space (23rd overall) 
  • The Patriots do not make any players have roommates before games

This is an alarming grade, considering New England is one of the few teams in the entire league with a private plane.

Head coach: B-

  • Only 55% of players feel that former head coach Bill Belichick was efficient with their time (31st overall) 
  • The players feel that Bill Belichick was rarely willing to listen to the locker room (31st overall)

Despite the recent narrative surrounding Bill Belichick, players didn't have much negative feedback for the legendary head coach. This primarily goes against how he's been painted since departing the team in January and shows he still had support in the locker room despite the amount of negativity surrounding him in recent years.

Ownership: D+

  • Club owner Robert Kraft receives a rating of 6.9/10 from Patriot players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (27th overall)

This is probably one of the most startling grades of all, a category added to the survey this year. The NFLPA explains why the players graded Kraft so low, stating they "feel the facility has needed significant renovations for a while now, which explains the low grade for club owner Robert Kraft on the question about players having confidence he will invest in their facilities."

It will be interesting to see how Kraft responds to this, as he recently implemented some renovations. However, it was not for the players' facilities.

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