Robert Kraft's offseason decisions reveal true feelings about Bill Belichick

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Throughout the last few seasons in New England, countless rumors were floated regarding the alleged deteriorating relationship between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, with most assuming it began to erode over Tom Brady's unexpected exit.

As the Patriots continued to struggle over the last two years, tension was said to be at an all-time high, ultimately leading to the pair's "mutual parting of ways" last month.

Although they looked chummy at the press conference announcing their decision, many wondered if it was all just for show to upkeep the public perception that everything was great behind closed doors in Foxboro. But now that Belichick is out, Jerod Mayo is in, and several new hires have been brought in, reports suggest that many of those decisions reflect Kraft's genuine feelings about the former head coach.

That point was brought up again by Boston Sports Journal's Mike Giardi this week when commenting on the apparent confirmation that Eliot Wolf was essentially the unofficial general manager.

He mentioned writing about Wolf likely being the guy to handle all things personnel and roster building last week while also sharing the belief it was Kraft's way of letting the world know he felt the issues with the Patriots were on his shoulders and not a problem due to the staff.

Giardi reiterated that point in another article on Wednesday, revealing that Matt Groh, the team's director of player personnel, would likely be fired had Belichick finished his contract next season. Because he remains with the team in a more prominent role, as well as Wolf, some (like Giardi) feel this is a direct indication of Kraft having complete faith in those Belichick felt were a problem, meaning he felt the ex-head coach was actually the issue.

It may be presumptuous to come to that conclusion based on personnel decisions, especially since it's not surprising several people who have been with the team for years would remain in their positions during a massive rebuild.

But given the allegations about Belichick and Kraft's relationship, nothing would be surprising.

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