Robert Kraft has become the cheapest owner in Boston sports

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Over the last twenty years, Boston sports teams have spent through the roof to win championships. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft did everything needed to win championships, and he was willing to empty his pockets. However, since the departure of Tom Brady, Kraft has been reluctant to spend money, and he has now become the cheapest owner in Boston.

It’s hard to fathom how Kraft let the Patriots get in the position they are currently in, where they have no future and a terrible viewing product. The reason the Patriots are in this position is because Kraft has not spent the money needed for top-tier talent. As a result, the Patriots are now a bottom-five team in the league that desperately needs a generational quarterback.

Over the last few seasons, the Patriots have been one of the lowest-spending teams, and that trend appears to be continuing. Over the next few seasons, the Patriots are expected to be either 31st or 32nd in the NFL in actual cash spending. Real cash spending is vital because Kraft has been reluctant to dole out real money. Ultimately, the Patriots have not spent as much money as some fans think.

Although the Patriots went on a spending spree in 2021, they did not give out a lot of real money. This is the opposite of other Boston teams(minus the Red Sox). For example, the Celtics and Bruins have been spending through the roof in recent seasons with the goal of winning a championship. Although the Red Sox are not spending much, Kraft looks worse because he lied to Patriots fans when he said they should expect positive change.

It's time for Kraft to start showing Patriots fans why they should trust him by spending money on top players.

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