Rob Gronkowski makes it clear he still hates this NFL team

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts / Joe Robbins/GettyImages

Since seemingly becoming a regular on the FanDuel TV show "Up & Adams" this season, Rob Gronkowski has shared a lot of takes that have made headlines. Although a lot of what he's said hasn't been received the best, he continues to make some good points about his time with the Patriots, as he did again this week.

While discussing his feelings toward some Patriots rivals, he mentioned he never really disliked the Jets outside of being in the division because they were never really a competitive team to play against.

But when it comes to a team that he absolutely despises? Gronk feels similar to many Patriots fans who will never end their hatred for the Indianapolis Colts, mainly due to them being the reason for Deflategate. It's a point he spoke openly about during a recent appearance on former teammate Julian Edelman's podcast "Games With Names" last week, and he doubled down on it when speaking with Kay Adams.

"Let me tell you, I do not like the Colts... They were hanging banners for winning a division, they were always a little cocky, always talked garbage when they played us, and we just romped 'em week in and week out every time we played them.

Especially in the playoffs. I don't like the Colts. I always loved running up the score against them. We dominated them in the pass game and in the run game as well, and we were dominating them so bad that they came up with that Deflategate B.S. because they needed an excuse why we were absolutely terrorizing them."

Some may say it's holding a grudge, and the players need to move on already, especially since the Patriots went on to win three more Super Bowls after the controversy. However, it's a scandal that went on for years, eventually resulting in hefty fines, forfeiture of a first-round draft pick, and Tom Brady's suspension for the first four games of the 2016 season.

The media ripped them apart and spread false information, while the league maintained the right to do whatever they wanted based on their opinions. So it's no wonder a guy like Gronk would continue to have hostile feelings toward the team that kicked it all off, even if it were allegedly based on a tip from the Baltimore Ravens.

Other than his relatable feelings, it's also good to hear his thoughts on the situation because the Patriots remained tight-lipped about the entire thing, which worked in their favor and not at the same time.

Since the whole scandal ended, they've remained that way, but now it's clear they're becoming more comfortable talking about it, and it's what many fans have been waiting to hear.

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