Rob Gronkowski believes Bill Belichick will only leave the Patriots on one condition

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Where Bill Belichick will end up for the 2024 season continues to be a topic haunting the Patriots this season, with no end to the debate in sight. New teams are added to the rumor mill nearly every day, and more speculated scenarios of how the potential breakup between Belichick and Robert Kraft could go down remain the most overly discussed aspect of the hypothetical situation.

Because it appears there won't be any imminent moves made mid-season like other teams have already done this year, most have concluded that Kraft is waiting until the offseason to ultimately decide the longtime New England head coach's fate, a potentially difficult, inevitable decision.

Within the discussion of Belichick finally moving on from his role in New England has been the best way for Kraft to go about the parting of ways.

Typically, head coaches are outright fired if the team owner(s) believe they've done a poor job, and it's best to move in another direction. But when the coach in question is one with the pedigree of Belichick, one can assume he won't be subjected to the same treatment.

Given how he arrived in New England via trade, the idea that Kraft could work out a deal with another team that piques Belichick's interest seems the most likely, instead of receiving nothing in return for the accomplished and well-respected coach.

It's a situation that former Patriot Rob Gronkowski believes is the only way Belichick will not be on the sidelines in 2024. During a recent appearance on "Up & Adams," he shared his take on the matter, stating that a mutual agreement feels like the most realistic scenario if there is indeed a breakup this offseason.

"The only way that he would coach somewhere else is if it’s mutually agreed upon between both parties. That’s the only way I see that happening. Like I said, I think he’s grandfathered in. He’s been there for so long.

He’s done so much great for the organization. Six Super Bowl wins, taking the team from rock bottom back in the day — end of the 90s, early 2000s — and just bringing [the Patriots] to the promised land for all of New England. So, just give it some time and we’ll be seeing what happens from here."

Although it's all speculation at this point, with six weeks remaining in the 2023 season, the idea of Kraft involving Belichick in whatever decision is made is almost certainly what will happen.

Their relationship may have deteriorated a bit in recent seasons, at least according to the multiple rumors, but they have worked together for over two decades at this point, and the mutual respect between them is and always will be evident.

If Kraft decides moving in another direction with a new head coach next season is the best way to go, Belichick will surely be included in how it goes about. And who knows, maybe instead of going to another team, he decides to retire. It's another scenario that can be added to the list of possibilities, as it seems this will be one of the most unpredictable yet organization-changing offseasons in many years.

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