Patriots Rumors: Robert Kraft is becoming increasingly annoyed with Bill Belichick

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The alleged conflict between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick is continuing, at least according to the latest chatter published by Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal before Week 12.

It has remained a background story following the pair since Tom Brady's departure, mainly due to Belichick's alleged lackadaisical approach to keeping the legendary quarterback on the team. But it's progressed further over the last two years due to his personnel decisions, like re-hiring Joe Judge and Matt Patricia, and now includes Belichick's demeanor when speaking to the media.

That's the most recent allegation regarding the deteriorating relationship between them, as Bedard suggests, the way Belichick has conducted himself over the years was mostly overlooked due to all the winning. But now that that's not happening, the Krafts are not enjoying his behavior anymore.

"This is the type of stuff that you shrugged at when the Patriots were 8-2 and going full steam toward the playoffs. At 2-8? Not so cute. Some around the team believe this stuff is really starting to bother (the Krafts). It has for some time, but the winning made it all good."

Despite the years of Belichick's short answers and scoffing at questions he finds to be irrelevant, it seems like the latest addition to a pile of frustrations by the Krafts, which has been echoed by the fans in recent weeks as well.

Belichick stood by that script after the Patriots' latest loss to the Giants on Sunday, which may push the owners' feelings over the top. It's certainly becoming another reason for fans to express their readiness for a new head coach for the 2024 season, which has been discussed ad nauseam throughout the year.

Perhaps Belichick maintains the stale attitude because he knows he's on the way out. It's a theory to consider, that's for sure, especially since he continues to be connected to nearly every team in the entire league.

It will be interesting to see how Kraft handles the seemingly awkward situation, with many calling for him to make significant moves to the coaching staff as soon as the current season concludes.

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