Rex Ryan just made more enemies in New England with bad Patriots joke

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Remember just a few weeks ago when the Patriots dealt with Deflategate 2.0 from their game against the Chiefs? And remember how the NFL refused to comment on the situation because they couldn't blame the under-inflated kicking footballs on anyone but themselves?

Well, if you were hoping that would be the end of Deflategate talk eight years after the controversy happened, you thought wrong.

During their NFL Sunday Countdown to Kickoff show on ESPN, the panel made their picks between the Patriots and Bills. Of course, they all chose Buffalo to take home the win, but when revealing his underdog of the week team, Rex Ryan surprisingly chose the Patriots.

When explaining his reasoning, he decided to take the opportunity to make a jab at his longtime rival, Randy Moss, who was beside him, and Tedy Bruschi, who was just a few seats away.

“I think defensively, they’re going to make them go the long, hard way, and try to create some takeaways – I think they’ll get a couple in this game. And don’t be surprised if Belichick – we’ve seen him do it before – takes the air out of the football, so to speak. They’re going to run the heck out of the football.”

Bruschi was noticeably unamused by the cheap shot, immediately saying, “What’s that supposed to mean? We’re going to go there now?”

Clearly, it was meant to be just a joke. But at the same time, it's also becoming old and overdone, isn't it? Haven't we already heard every variation of a joke that could be made about the situation at this point?

Maybe it's just Patriots fans who are and have been over the situation, but every other fanbase should have moved on, too, considering they went on to win three more Super Bowls since the whole ordeal happened. And nobody had a peep to say just a few weeks ago when the NFL was clearly responsible for the improper PSI of kicking footballs.

But alas, it's supposed to be all in good fun, right? But maybe we should move on already, in everyone's best interest.

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