Respected NFL analyst says Patriots need a "complete, total rebuild"

When an NFL expert says something, you listen.
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Dan Orlovsky, who is a pretty respected NFL analyst and former player, made a very bold statement about what the New England Patriots need to do to fix their team. On an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Orlovsky really made his stance known. And let's be real here; he's 100% right. The only way forward for this team is a complete rebuild like Orlovsky said:

He does say during his appearance on the PMS that he thinks Mac Jones can be a decent quarterback in the NFL, for what it's worth. And he may be right. But that's not really the point right now. The point is that the franchise needs to rip it down to the studs, and knowledgable NFL people are also saying this. You can roll your eyes at me, since I have been very hard on the team, but I don't think I'm wrong here.

And I wasn't exactly rooting for this team to be bad, but that is what's happened, and we have to deal with it. To jump start a rebuild, it'd be smart if Robert Kraft, at the very least, hired a separate GM who has full control over the roster. Bill Belichick has proven that he cannot build a competent NFL team.

To me, the best path forward for the New England Patriots organization is to part ways with Belichick and to start fresh with a separate head coach and GM. Depending on where the team picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting Caleb Williams or Drake Maye is the most ideal situation. However, other prospects like Marvin Harrison Jr and Olu Fashanu are other excellent choices in round one.

The truth is harsh for the Patriots. The team has the second-worst record in all of football and virtually no notable core players on offense to build around. Plus, some of the Patriots best players in Mike Onwenu, Kyle Dugger, and Josh Uche are all set to be free agents this coming offseason. What if they simply leave?

What if they have no desire to stay with the team? The Patriots are really in a tough spot and the national media seem to be catching on.