Buffalo Bills lose in absolutely hilarious fashion in Week 10

The Buffalo Bills lost in heartbreaking fashion in Week 10.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) looks downfield against the Broncos.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) looks downfield against the Broncos. / Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and

The Buffalo Bills all of a sudden being a dysfunctional team makes life a bit easier for New England Patriots fans. Buffalo lost in heartbreak fashion in Week 10. Honestly, three teams in the AFC East are a total mess, and with the Bills latest loss, it might make life a bit easier for Pats fans. It seems like Buffalo finds a new way to lose each week.

At least if you're the Patriots, you kind of lose the same way, if nothing else. Well, in a game filled with several Buffalo turnovers including two Josh Allen interceptions (shocker), the Bills took the lead late in the game on a Josh Allen rushing TD from inside the 10 yard line. Well, Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos had different ideas.

With under two minutes left, Wilson led the Broncos on a drive that stalled a bit after Wilson took a huge sack, putting the Broncos out of field goal range. On the next play, Wilson heaved up what was likely a purposely underthrown ball down the field, which caused WR Jerry Jeudy to be interfered with

This was a perfect play by Wilson and Jeudy. The underthrown ball allowed Jeudy to reach over Taron Johnson to try and make a play on the ball. Well, Johnson didn't turn his head and clearly came in contact with Jeudy before the ball got there. This placed the ball deep inside Bills' territory. And guess what? The Broncos missed the 41-yard field goal to win, but the Bills had too many men on the field, and the Broncos got another chance to win it as time expired.

Will Lutz made the second field goal and gave the Broncos the two-point win on Monday Night Football, which drops Buffalo to 5-5 and even further out of the playoff picture. The Bills have lost two in a row and have gone 2-4 since a 3-1 start. Buffalo seems to have peaked a couple of years ago, and their QB, Josh Allen, now has 19 touchdowns and 11 interceptions on the year.

The Buffalo Bills are a total mess, and Patriots fans should love it. And while we're at it, the New York Jets are also a bit of a mess, too. In a year where many thought the AFC East would be a juggernaut of a division, it's turned into one of the worst in football, honestly. At this point, the Patriots can play spoiler the rest of the season since they are clearly well out of the playoff picture, but it's nice seeing other teams just as dysfunctional.