Recent Patriots hire has fans concerned about the future of the offense

New York Giants vs Oakland Raiders
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Every day this week has been flooded with announcements regarding who the Patriots just hired to join Jerod Mayo's staff. From finding their new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt and hiring T.C. McCartney as the new quarterbacks coach, what looked like a large task just a few weeks ago is coming together this week in New England.

Mostly, not much has been made about who the team has decided to hire, mainly due to their connections to presumed general manager Eliot Wolf or not much is known about them to have an opinion already. But when reports revealed former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo was among the new hires, concerns began to brew within Patriots Nation.

Because his tenure in New York was predominately unforgettable, yet memorable because of how bad it was, the confusion about why Mayo would bring him in has not ceased. On top of that, McAdoo has jumped from team to team since he was fired by the Giants in 2017, spending the next three years outside of the NFL before accepting a role with the Jaguars.

He spent one season with the Jaguars as their quarterbacks coach in 2020, spent a year with the Cowboys as a consultant, and was last employed in the league by the Panthers in 2022.

Now, he joins the Patriots as a senior offensive assistant, whatever that means, and because he will be very much involved with the offensive rebuild, fans and the Boston media are losing their optimism about how the team will fare this fall.

WBZ's Michael Hurley added to those worries on Tuesday when he quoted a story detailing the abysmal statistics of McAdoo's last four offenses in the NFL. The seasons span back to 2016, when he was the Giants' head coach, all the way to the most recent year he had as the OC in Carolina.

Unfortunately, things only got worse over the years.

Clearly, one must not forget what McAdoo accomplished in order to receive an offer to be a head coach, as that is not an easy feat in the NFL, meaning he was considered a good hire at one point in his career. Because of that, it's important to remember that not all coordinators are meant to be head coaches, which is something Patriots fans know all too well, seeing Josh McDaniels fail at it twice.

So one big positive is that he has experience working with offenses, which is something Jerod Mayo has been criticized for not having yet being promoted, and he has experience working with new OC Alex Van Pelt, which is another positive.

The hope is the negative assumptions most have about a guy like McAdoo will be proven wrong this summer and next season. Although it may be difficult to imagine that being a reality eventually, especially since there are so many changes happening with the team right now, it's the only way to be right now.

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