Ranking the 6 most important games of the Patriots 2024 schedule

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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5. Week 7 @ Jaguars

In keeping with recent tradition, the Patriots will travel to London to face the Jaguars in Week 7 at Wembley Field. Given where it's being played and the Jaguars seemingly becoming England's NFL team, it will inevitably be a big game, but also because it could serve as a revenge game for New England.

They won't be seeking revenge against the Jaguars, but they want to prove they aren't a joke of a team the way they looked in Germany against the Colts last season. It was one of their worst games of the year, and they had to fly back home, embarrassed by their performance.

It was a game that brought on a lot of drama, which some say may have been the final straw for Mac Jones in Bill Belichick's eyes.

Now, they'll have a chance at redemption with a new head coach and staff and an improved roster, which hopefully will give them a much better shot at getting the win. That makes it an important game, and it being one of only two national games for them this season adds to it.

4. Week 3 @ Jets

The Patriots have historically dominated the New York Jets organization and hope to continue doing so for many more years. That remains the expectation, but now, with Aaron Rodgers in the mix, there is a sense that their ruling over their AFC East rival may be over.

They didn't get a chance to play against the quarterback last year because he suffered a season-ending injury on the first play of their opening game, but he is expected to return for Week 1 action this year, and most have already named the Jets a Super Bowl favorite because of it.

If that is the path the Jets go on, it would be important for the Patriots to get a win against them early on, especially in Week 3 when they visit the Jets. Getting a win on the road is never expected to be easy, even more so when a future Hall of Fame quarterback is lined up on the other side.

So, if they can leave New York with the win and ensure the Jets can't sweep them for the first time ever, there are not many things more important than that.

It's their only real primetime game of the season, too, so proving the doubters wrong on a nationally televised game would be pretty sweet.