PFF gives Patriots an A for this draft pick, and it's not Drake Maye

2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

There have been varying responses to how the new regime in Foxboro handled the Patriots' first draft without Bill Belichick. Most of the players they selected have received overwhelming approval from the fans and reporters, particularly those that immediately improve the weakest parts of the team.

It's hard to be mad about Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf following through on their word to weaponize the offense, especially when they double-dipped at quarterback and receiver.

Although some of the selections don't have many people thrilled due to who they passed on to draft, the player drawing the most excitement continues to be Javon Baker, the Patriots' fourth-round pick.

The UCF alum oozed confidence and started his NFL career with a bang, with memorable quotes and a determined attitude. Because of this, he's impressed many fans already, and apparently, that's not where the approval stops.

PFF gives Patriots an A for this draft pick, and it's not Drake Maye

The highly regarded statistical database PFF grades every pick by every team every year, and it's not easy to earn a high grade from them. Their team looks over every tiny detail regarding a player almost to a fault and will incorporate all they know to determine the grade a team deserves for selecting them.

Fortunately, the Patriots were on the right side of history with their pick of Baker, who PFF awarded an A grade and labeled the receiver as the best pick of the fourth round.

It was a well-regarded pick in real-time, and nearly two weeks later, it's now being awarded the best pick of the round. If you need more evidence that the Patriots made the right move, there you have it.

Besides the assessment of Baker, he's already won over Patriots fans with his social media posts and determination to prove he's better than a fourth-round label. Players with chips on their shoulders are loved in New England, so adding another one will instantly make him a fan favorite.

Baker has all the tools to be an immediate weapon for the offense this fall, and hopefully, we get to see glimpses of that throughout training camp this summer. He will surely be an exciting player to watch, and even more so now, with this high praise from PFF backing up his talent.

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