Perfect veteran quarterback open to play for Patriots in 2025

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The 2024 NFL Draft begins this Thursday, and there continues to be a lot of debate regarding what the Patriots will do to fix their quarterback dilemma.

The assumption since the offseason began was that they would select their next franchise player with the third overall pick, something they haven't done since taking Drew Bledsoe with the first pick in 1993.

However, speculation continues to fuel the possibility that the new regime will decide to trade down if offered an out-of-this-world trade package, meaning they would actively choose to pass on the top quarterbacks of this year's class.

Although that doesn't seem ideal since they need a quarterback for the future, it would allow them to improve the offense around a future quarterback to ensure they have the best chance at success. If that's the path they go down, they could be in a position to look at veterans next offseason.

A perfect veteran quarterback is open to play for the Patriots in 2025 if called

Since Brissett is only under contract for 2024, the most enticing player scheduled to be a free agent next year is Dak Prescott. Prescott is a well-rounded quarterback who has had a lot of success but has fallen short of the ultimate goal of winning a championship.

He is expected to hit free agency for the first time in his career next year, which is seeming more likely by the day as the Cowboys continue to drag their feet in offering a contract extension.

Because that has been one of the leading stories for Dallas over the last few months, Prescott was recently asked about potentially playing for another team in 2025, which he revealed he is beyond ready for if that's what ultimately happens.

"I'm not going to say I fear being here or not. I don't fear either situation, to be candid with you. I love this game and love to play and love to better myself as a player and my teammates around me. Right now it's with the Dallas Cowboys, it's where I want to be, and that's where I am, and that's the focus. And after the season we'll see where we're at and if the future holds that. And if not, we'll go from there."

That's good news for a team like the Patriots, who would likely be more than happy to sign Prescott to a long-term deal. They will have the funds to do that next year, as they are projected to have $197 million in cap space, according to Spotrac.

And the quarterback is in no rush to be the highest-paid player at the position, despite the narrative claiming otherwise. He stated he wasn't "trying to be the highest paid, necessarily," which is also music to the Patriots' ears.

Prescott could be the right guy to make New England a competitive team again if they forgo a quarterback in this year's draft completely or until a later round. The 2025 class is reportedly not impressive, making it seem less likely they would address their need by drafting one of them.

So adding the veteran would put them on the right track to hanging in the AFC East and potentially in the conference, mainly if they utilize their draft picks to bulk up their offense.

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