Latest development with Dak Prescott could be big opportunity for Patriots

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The seemingly never-ending conversation involving the Patriots and their search for a franchise quarterback has taken some wild turns this offseason. Before free agency began, the assumption was the new regime in Foxboro would almost certainly take a quarterback with the third overall pick.

While that remains a possibility, there was some discussion of signing a veteran quarterback for a longer term than just filling the bridge role next season. That mainly became a conversation due to Baker Mayfield's availability in free agency this year, and once the Bucs locked him up, the focus shifted back to selecting a rookie in the draft.

That seems to be the most likely scenario, but who they will pick and when they will take him is another debate.

We're at the point in the offseason when rumors are coming out left and right regarding the team's interest, or lack thereof, in the top prospects in the upcoming draft. It has recently been rumored that the Patriots are not thrilled with UNC's Drake Maye, one of the quarterbacks who could potentially fall to them with the third pick.

In his media availability at the Annual League Meeting earlier this week, Jerod Mayo emphasized a key point that has been reiterated over the last few weeks: the Patriots are meticulously evaluating every potential pick. They must truly love the player they select once they're on the clock, ensuring a thorough and thoughtful decision-making process.

The Patriots are committed to finding the right player, not just any player, to fill their quarterback position. So, if they don't like their options, they could take a different player and secure one of the second-tier quarterbacks.

Or perhaps they choose to delay the decision on the position altogether, a move that might not be well-received by the fans. But they are exploring all options and appear to have a solid prospect to consider in 2025, instilling hope for a bright future.

Latest development with Dak Prescott could be opportunity for Patriots

Before extensions are inevitably done before the start of the 2024 season, 51 quarterbacks are expected to hit free agency next year. That sounds wonderful for a team needing a stable signal caller like the Patriots, who could benefit from a veteran presence.

But when you look closer at the people on that list, one name stands out above the rest: Dak Prescott.

Despite the assumption he would remain in Dallas for his career, the latest update regarding extension talks between the quarterback and the Cowboys is troubling. NFL insider Ian Rapoport revealed the two parties are at a standstill with no offers on the table to keep Prescott beyond the 2024 season.

There is an alleged "understanding" of the situation between all parties, and because of this, Prescott is expected to explore free agency next year.

Despite this being bad news for Prescott and the Cowboys, who seem to have no issue with the high potential of losing their franchise quarterback, it could be great news for the Patriots.

If they choose to forgo drafting a quarterback this year, they now have one of the best veteran options to pursue heavily next year. He wouldn't be cheap, and he'll be 32 by then, but there's no question regarding his legitimacy as a franchise quarterback.

The Patriots could continue their gamble of looking for their next quarterback by going after Prescott and hoping they could entice him to move to New England.

His addition would immediately make the offense a threat and help bring in better talent in free agency since that appears to have been a significant issue this year.

It would definitely be quite the risk to take for Jerod Mayo and Co. early in their tenures, but with the amount of money they're expected to have next year (projected over $200 million) and their desire to become a playoff contender sooner than later, it might be a good idea to take a chance on getting Prescott through the door.

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