Patriots would be foolish not to pursue DL Josh Allen in free agency

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Most of the conversation about who the Patriots should spend their nearly $100 million in cap space on and who they should select in the draft has primarily focused on the offense, for good reason. The defense has remained the better side of the team in recent years and doesn't have as many gaping holes, but there is one aspect that definitely needs some improvement: the pass rush.

Matthew Judon has been the main source of any hits on opposing quarterbacks since he signed with the team in 2021. Since then, he has broken multiple records to solidify his legacy in New England among team history's greatest pass rushers.

He was well on his way to putting together another standout season in 2023 until he suffered what ended up being a season-ending injury against the Cowboys in Week 4.

Once he was sidelined, the pass rush became almost nonexistent from those expected to step up in his place. It was an issue that continued to rear its ugly head week after week and will continue to be a significant issue as the rise of mobile quarterbacks isn't expected to slow down.

Because of that, the defensive line needs to be near the top of the list of priorities for the Patriots in free agency, and there is one player they should pursue like their lives depend on it: linebacker Josh Allen.

Patriots would be foolish not to pursue DL Josh Allen in free agency

The 26-year-old is set to hit free agency for the first time in his young career and is considered one of the best of the pending free agent class regardless of position.

With the franchise tag deadline looming, it's less likely that the Jaguars will use it on Allen, which works to the benefit of the Patriots, who will soon have the opportunity to pursue him when free agency begins next week.

As a former first-round draft pick, he's, of course, performed like one during the first five years of his career. Allen has dominated on the field and been a quarterback's worst nightmare, especially last season when he recorded 33 QB hits, 17.5 sacks, an interception and two forced fumbles.

His continued improvement is clear, and the idea of him joining up with Matthew Judon is a thought Patriots fans won't forget. They could easily become the best pass-rushing duo in the NFL and make the defense an even more dominating part of the team moving forward.

Because Allen will be looking for a hefty payday, the Patriots are in luck with how much cash they have available. Paying a guy like Allen is an easy decision, especially for a team wanting to maintain and build upon an already highly performing-defensive unit.

Adding the linebacker would put them over the top, so how could they say no?

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