Patriots schedule release video uses franchise icons to one-up last year's efforts

Pretty, pretty good.
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

In hindsight, it's surprising that the Patriots didn't think of this sooner.

The NFL schedule reveal happened on Wednesday night, which you already know. Each team put their fun little spin on reveal all 17 games, which you already knew. But you didn't know the order! And the kickoff times!

The Patriots wasted no time leaning into their brand, producing a surprisingly-well-edited faux-trailer for the year based off the movie Goodwill Hunting. Again, it's honestly a little surprising that they didn't do this sooner. But it's great, and definitely worth a watch or two:

And now, some thoughts about this, in no particular order:

1. Gronk's "I love apples" line may be the best bit of dialogue in the whole thing. Never change, Gronk.
2. It's amazing how they got every can of soda and cup of coffee to have the label perfectly facing the camera! What an incredible use of props!!
3. Every piece of Patriots content is made 10% better with an Ernie Adams appearance.
4. 'The Town' callback at the end is a nice little touch.
5. Was Ben Affleck really too busy to cameo in this?
6. It's at least a little bit funny that they don't actually reveal the schedule in this video. They attached a different tweet to this one with a PDF, but the video dosn't do a clear job showing the dates. Even the schedule reveal doesn't reveal the schedule.

All in all, a good effort. While other teams are running back last year's jokes, or making internet references from 5 years ago, the Pats are sticking to their tried-and-true: movies about working class Boston starring Ben Affleck.

Stay tuned next year when Martin Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio make a 3-hour schedule reveal involving crooked cops.