Patriots schedule 2024: Game-By-Game predictions for upcoming season

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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Now that the Patriots 2024 season schedule has been officially announced, we can look ahead and guess how their season will progress.

We already know they have the 10th hardest strength of schedule, which is better than what they were dealt last year, but they'll have a lot of pressure on them to put together a more successful year than they've done in recent memory.

From what we know of the roster right now and their projections, they certainly have the manpower to have an improved season under Jerod Mayo. But it's not going to be easy, and there are a lot of decisions left to be made, including who will be the starting quarterback.

So, based on what we know in the middle of May, here are the game-by-game predictions for the Patriots' 2024 season.

Game-by-game predictions for 2024 Patriots schedule

Week 1: @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been a Super Bowl contender for the past few seasons and continue to be in the conversation this year.

Although the bouts between the Bengals and Patriots have been close in years past, this feels like another win for the home team due to their much more experienced offense, which was even more improved this offseason.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 2: vs. Seattle Seahawks

Both the Patriots and Seahawks are in the midst of a transition with new head coaches and made over rosters. In the past, they have been bitter rivals, stemming back to Super Bowl 49, but that has cooled off in the years since.

Prediction: WIN

Week 3: @ New York Jets

If we should buy into the hype of Aaron Rodgers' return, which will make a significant impact on the Jets' season, just probably not make them a Super Bowl contender, then the Patriots might have a more difficult time getting a win in the Meadowlands.

It's not easy to state they will split the season with a team like the Jets, but it feels more foolish to assume they won't play harder or have more of a home-field advantage this season than they did a year ago.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 4: @ San Francisco 49ers

Playing on the road against a Super Bowl favorite with a loaded offense will surely be a test for the Patriots defense.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 5: vs. Miami Dolphins

Despite their trouble when playing the Dolphins in Miami, the Patriots have fared much better when welcoming them to their house for a game. Historically, even when they have lost those home matchups, the games have been close, often just one play or score away from winning.

With that in mind and believing the Dolphins won't sweep them two years in a row, the Patriots get this win to split the season. It probably won't be a high-scoring game or a significant difference in the scoreboard at the end, but a win's a win, right?

Prediction: WIN

Week 6: vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are a team on absolute fire right now and just got better through free agency and the draft. Assuming that hot streak continues, it seems like they’ll get a win in Foxboro this week.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 7: @ Jacksonville Jaguars (in London)

Playing an international game isn't always a bad thing, especially in a place like London, with fans of nearly every NFL team showing up to the games. That works in favor of the Patriots since the Jaguars technically are the home team, and this would be an excellent game for them to seek revenge for their embarrassing loss in Germany last season.

They have fared well over the last ten matchups with Jacksonville, winning all but their meeting in 2018.

If the offense can be a cohesive unit and the defense can get to Trevor Lawrence, there's no reason for the Patriots not to win this game.

Prediction: WIN

Week 8: vs. New York Jets

No matter when the Patriots welcome the Jets to Gillette Stadium, it's easy to assume the Jets will Jet at some point in the game, despite the fact New England only scored a field goal against them last season.

They will be a different team this season with Aaron Rodgers back in the mix, but at the end of the day, they're still the Jets.

So the Patriots get the win because it's hard to ever say they will be swept by the Jets.

Prediction: WIN

Week 9: @ Tennessee Titans

The Titans have undergone similar changes as the Patriots this season, most notably firing Mike Vrabel as their head coach and putting all their chips in on Will Levis.

They struck gold in free agency by signing Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd to join DeAndre Hopkins, which will inevitably make Levis' job much easier. However, the quarterback can be a bit erratic which bodes well for the Patriots defense.

On top of that, New England has won eight of their last ten matchups, which should extend to nine after winning this game.

Prediction: WIN

Week 10: @ Chicago Bears

This is another game that will be tough for the Patriots all around. The Bears had an excellent draft, especially the first round, when they selected QB Caleb Wiliams and WR Rome Odunze.

Both were at or near the top of their draft classes, boosting the offense overall, which already consists of Keenan Allen, D.J. Moore, and D’Andre Swift.

Their defense is no laughing matter either, and because they appear to be a well-rounded team and the Patriots will be playing them in Chicago, the Bears will get the win.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 11: vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have been on a roller coaster over the last handful of years going from winning the Super Bowl to near obscurity in just a single season. They're hoping to get back to the top of their division, fighting it out with the currently supreme 49ers.

But their less-than-impressive offseason doesn't bode well for a dramatic change of fate for the season ahead.

Prediction: WIN

Week 12: @ Miami Dolphins

Miami seems like a cursed place for the Patriots to play, even when Tom Brady was playing. He dominated every team but still struggled when visiting the Dolphins, which has remained the Patriots’ fate in recent years.

So it’s easier to assume they lose this week.

Prediction: LOSE

Week 13: vs. Indianapolis Colts

This is going to be an interesting matchup, especially after how the last game went for the Patriots last season. Both rosters will look quite a bit different, with Anthony Richardson back under center for Indianapolis and either Jacoby Brissett or Drake Maye for New England.

It will likely be a game defined by the Patriots defense vs. a stacked Colts offense, which makes it easy to lean toward New England on this one.

Prediction: WIN


Week 15: @ Arizona Cardinals

The last time these teams met in the desert, Kyler Murray tore his ACL early in the game, and the Patriots went on to win. Things are slightly different this time, with Murray back in the lineup and a newly drafted Marvin Harrison Jr. becoming his top target.

An offense made of a receiver considered a generational talent, a rising star tight end in Trey McBride, and a dual-threat running back in James Conner will be a tall task for the Patriots' defense. However, this feels like a game in which they could scrape out a win.

Prediction: WIN

Week 16: @ Buffalo Bills

Sticking with the pattern over the last few years, it seems fair to assume the Patriots won’t win in Buffalo again this season. Although they have come close, and this game will probably be the same, the home team will add a W this week.

Prediction: WIN

Week 17: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Looking over the last ten times the Patriots and Chargers have played each other, New England has won eight times. Their previous matchup during the 2023 season was an absolute embarrassment, where neither team could get into the end zone if their lives depended on it.

But what made it worse was the Chargers' 6-0 win at Gillette Stadium in December. They're set to visit New England again this season, and both teams are vastly different from one year ago. Clearly, their game this time will also be a different experience, and this time, the Patriots will get the W in a more definitive fashion.

Prediction: WIN

Week 18: vs. Buffalo Bills

Last season when the Bills visited Gillette Stadium, it ended in a wild fashion with the Patriots getting a last minute score to take home the win. It was one of the only good moments for the offense in 2023, and now that the team is improved since then, it’s hard to bet against New England in this matchup.

Maybe it’s just because they’ll be playing at home and have a point to prove, but the extra motivation will be enough to get the win.

Prediction: WIN

Record prediction: 11-6

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