Patriots Rumors: 3 QB trades New England should take a chance on

Should the Patriots try and find an in-season replacement for Mac Jones?
New England Patriots, Ryan Tannehill
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In Week 7, New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones had arguably his best all-around game of the season in an upset win over the Buffalo Bills.

Jones finished 25-for-30 with 272 yards and two touchdowns, with no interceptions. After a few games with plenty of question marks, he looked good.

Still, are the Patriots sold that he is really their future? This is Year 3 and he has yet to look like a consistent, capable NFL starter. With next week's trade deadline coming quickly, there is still potential for the Patriots to make a move at quarterback, and these three could be realistic targets.

Trade Number 1: Teddy Bridgewater comes to New England

The first trade New England could look at begins with a call to Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions. Jared Goff has played great football this year and has remained healthy, which makes backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater look like an attractive target.

Bridgewater trade

Bridgewater has plenty of starting experience over the course of his career, having played for a handful of franchises. He is similar to Jones, in that he is more of a game manager. But, Bridgewater is also very careful with the football. Rarely is he going to be one who loses you a game.

The Patriots wouldn't have to give up much to acquire Bridgewater. A sixth-round pick should get it done. Would Bridgewater be an immediate upgrade over Jones, though? Some might agree that he is.