Future Hall of Famer seems to be a believer in QB Mac Jones

Is Mac Jones getting better?

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

After the New England Patriots upset the Buffalo Bills in Week 7, a future Hall of Famer voiced his own opinion about QB Mac Jones. The Patriots are a confusing team in 2023. One week they look like the worst team in football, and the next week they look like one of the very best.

They caught the Buffalo Bills off guard and ended up notching a four-point win in Week 7, which included a touchdown pass to Mike Gesicki with just seconds left on the clock. In the game, Mac Jones had one of the best games of his career, going 25/30 for 272 and two touchdowns. He was efficient and spread the ball around.

The offensive line was also playing extremely well, and perhaps moving Mike Onwenu back to right tackle, where he should stay, was a big reason why the Pats' OL played as well as they did. Stud pass rusher and future Hall of Famer, Von Miller, had this to say when asked about QB Mac Jones:

""He's getting better. He's getting better, for sure. I was impressed with Mac. ... It still looks like the Patriots of the golden days. Obviously, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski -- all those players aren't there. But they're still coached well. It's just turnovers at the beginning of the games that have put them behind the ball, and they didn't turn over the ball today.""

Von Miller

Miller has always been very complimentary of his brothers across the NFL, so I would say to take these comments with a grain of salt. I remember Miller speaking glowingly about guys like Case Keenum and Drew Lock during his time in Denver.

Anyway, this was obviously the best football we've seen from Mac Jones in a while, but as an entire body of work, his 2023 season has been a bit poor. Jones is going to really need to turn it around if he wants to stick with the team as the starter beyond this year. Getting a crucial win against the Buffalo Bills was a great start.