49ers GM proves Patriots were never serious about making big WR trade

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When Eliot Wolf stated the Patriots intended to weaponize the offense, coupled with Jerod Mayo revealing their desire to add a top-name receiver via trade, most fans were looking forward to a potential arrival of Bengals' Tee Higgins or 49ers' Brandon Aiyuk.

Both had been the subject of rumors suggesting their teams were dangling them on the trade market, and because the Patriots wanted to add a game-changing receiver, they were unsurprisingly making calls.

The latest chatter claimed New England inquired about Deebo Samuel's availability, who was believed to be more likely traded than Aiyuk. The dual-threat receiver was once poised to be drafted by Bill Belichick in 2019 and because it never happened, has remained one of the biggest whiffs of the legendary coach's drafting history.

So Mayo and Wolf looking to add him to the roster would be righting a former wrong.

Nothing came of the talks, as the Patriots have since drafted receivers Ja'Lynn Polk and Javon Baker. And now 49ers GM John Lynch is disputing the rumor, shutting down any conversation suggesting Aiyuk or Samuel were ever available for trade.

49ers GM disputes claim Patriots inquired about trade for receivers

Lynch spoke to reporters after Day 2 of this year's draft, emphasizing the Patriots' lack of interest in trading either player. If they were still interested, this would be bad news for the Patriots.

“We didn’t entertain any of that today. We’re happy with our wide receiver group. Actually, more than happy. We’re thrilled with it. And thrilled to add Ricky [Pearsall] to make it stronger.”

His statement goes against several rumors from typically credible reporters claiming otherwise, so he could be bluffing to ensure things remain as tension-free as possible in the building. Or maybe, he's right and the Patriots were never actively looking in the first place.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan doubled down on what Lynch had to say with his own comments, sharing his desire to keep both receivers around for the foreseeable future.

"It's the same intentions of what yesterday was... We love those guys. We thought they would be on our team yesterday. We still do. We still always listen to everybody. But that doesn't change yesterday, today, tomorrow, ever."

Despite their claims, Aiyuk remains unsigned to an extension in San Francisco and has tiptoed around the idea of seeking a trade because of it.

There are also no certainties in the NFL, so just because the 49ers are claiming they want to keep their top-name receivers doesn't mean an enticing offer won't eventually be accepted. The Patriots could still try to pull off the deal, that is, if they want to even try.

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