Patriots rivals not laughing anymore after seeing Ezekiel Elliott's contract details

The Patriots' offense will be laughing their way to the bank with Elliott added to the roster on a team-friendly deal.
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Even though Ezekiel Elliott was only technically signed by the Patriots on Wednesday, all conversations surrounding him and the signing have dominated all New England media for what has felt like weeks.

When the signing was initially reported, details were sparse, but it showed Elliott's deal was worth up to $6 million, which was quickly labeled to be "too much money for a washed-up running back." Rival fans in the AFC East, specifically the Bills, began to celebrate the signing as a win for Buffalo since their running back room was making less than Elliott's contract combined.

Now that all of his contract specifics have been revealed; it's apparent that Bill Belichick accomplished a real team-friendly deal with Elliott that's certainly nothing for foes to be celebrating.

The Patriots look like the real winners in this situation.

Elliott and Rhamondre Stevenson have the potential to be the best running back duo in the division and the league. That's not something to be scoffed at just because many have adopted the "never pay a running back" mentality in recent years.

That may be an aspect that comes back to haunt the Bills as they attempt to adopt a new offensive identity this season with a less mobile quarterback. Relying on the run game would be an optimal choice to avoid having Josh Allen instinctively run with the football.

However, their current running back room is quite an unremarkable bunch which consists of James Cook, Damien Harris, and Latavius Murray.

Maybe instead of celebrating under the assumption that a player was "paid too much" given where he is in his career, your team's general manager should have spent more on game-changing running backs that your team has needed for many years.

But the real test will come once the regular season begins in less than four weeks. It seems safe to say that the Patriots' backs will be the superior group in the division, and hopefully, Elliott will look and earn every bit of his contract as he helps the offense get back into a groove.