Fans believe Bills' GM "looks like a genius" after Patriots sign Ezekiel Elliott

Some explaining needs to be done here because this isn't worthy of celebration like Buffalo thinks it is.
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With divisional rivalries, especially like one between the Bills and the Patriots, often small victories are labeled as some sort of domination, even if it doesn't add up to one.

That's the case with Buffalo fans, who are proclaiming a win over New England after they signed Ezekiel Elliott yesterday to a one-year deal.

But how exactly was this a win, you ask?

According to some Bills fans, the team's general manager Brandon Beane appears to have pulled a Bill Belichick move this offseason with the running backs he signed and the amount their contracts are worth. Fans have compared their contracts to what the Patriots are reportedly set to pay Elliott, and because of that, the Bills have gained leverage over their longtime rival.

One fan broke down one prominent running back statistic between the three players, Elliott, Damien Harris, and Latavius Murray, and then listed what their maximum earnings will be for the 2023 season.

The victory for the Bills is not just because the Patriots will dish out up to $6 million for Elliott as opposed to the Bills combining for just $3 million for Harris and Murray, but also because the newest Patriot recorded the lowest yards per attempt among the three.

Other than the obvious issues with celebrating this as if they just won a big-time game against their longtime big brother in the division, fans in Buffalo seem to be overlooking one significant detail about the three listed running backs; the duo of Elliott and Rhamondre Stevenson is leaps and bounds better than Harris and Murray.

Not to mention, even if most consider Elliott to be past his prime, is anyone choosing Harris over him for their team this upcoming season?

Harris was a good running back for the Patriots; there's no question. But there's a reason why he wasn't re-signed, and Belichick put all his chips in on Stevenson. There's a reason he brought in another dual-threat running back like Elliott instead of a player similar to Harris.

Buffalo is hoping to finally cultivate a competent run game that they have been lacking for a few seasons now, and a lot of that pressure is on Harris to perform. Although many fans are excited for him and Murray specifically, on top of James Cook, concluding they somehow get a win over the Patriots because of Elliott's contract seems like a bit of a reach.

But I guess you have to take the wins when you get them because we all know how long the Patriots have embarrassed the Bills over the years.