Patriots rival play a huge factor in how to use the 34th overall pick

The fate of the 34th overall pick is not in just the hands of the Patriots
2018 NFL Draft
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Tonight, the NFL Draft resumes with the second and third rounds. Before the first round came to a close, a lot of action happened that could impact how the Patriots use their first pick of Day 2, mainly the Bills trading down not once but twice.

The first time was with Kansas City, where they took Xavier Worthy, a wide receiver from Texas. Next, they completely traded out of the first round by trading the 32nd pick to the Carolina Panthers, where they took Xavier Legette, a wide receiver from South Carolina.

Now, the Bills sit one pick ahead of the Patriots, but that wasn't the big move of the night.

The 49ers have caused quite the buzz by selecting Ricky Pearsall, a wide receiver from Florida. This selection is interesting because they currently have Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, whose stance with the team has been heavily speculated.

Plenty has been said about Aiyuk possibly being traded, but Samuel could be on the trade block if the 49ers would prefer to keep Aiyuk in hopes of bringing in a large haul of picks for Samuel.

Patriots rival play a huge factor in how to use the 34th overall pick

With all of that being said, the 34th overall pick could be used in multiple ways. But the Patriots don't determine that fate solely. The Buffalo Bills greatly influences what happens with that pick.

Buffalo could trade for Aiyuk or Deebo

With the Bills trading Stefon Diggs in recent weeks, Buffalo has no number-one receiver. Josh Allen will need help this year if he wants to succeed. Without Diggs, this wide receiving corps is not the best, especially with the headlining receivers being Curtis Samuel and Khalil Shakir. Both Aiyuk and Samuel would improve this team tremendously.

If this trade happens, the Patriots could keep their pick and build around Drake Maye, possibly taking Troy Franklin, the best available wide receiver.

Or, they could trade for Tee Higgins from the Bengals in response to Buffalo trading for a top receiver.

Patriots trade for Deebo or Aiyuk

The 34th overall pick could result in Aiyuk or Samuel coming to New England. If Buffalo passes on trading for either of them, the Patriots should immediately be on the phone with the 49ers and try to acquire one. Drake Maye needs a number-one receiver, as currently, he lacks that with this Patriots wide receiver corp.

But, what would it take for the Patriots to acquire either Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel?

Obviously, to start, it would be the 34th overall pick, and possibly a first-round pick in next year's draft or possibly a second-round pick in next year's class. Regardless, the Patriots will have to give up a good amount to pull off a trade for either receiver.

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