3 prospects Patriots should avoid in Round 2 of the NFL Draft

Who should the Patriots avoid?
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The first round of the NFL Draft has come and gone and the future looks bright for the New England Patriots. Drake Maye, the talented quarterback from North Carolina is the next franchise quarterback of the Patriots.

The new era in New England starts with Jerod Mayo and Drake Maye, the M and M connection that Patriots fans didn't realize they needed until now. But with round two approaching, who will be joining Maye?

More importantly, though, who should the Patriots avoid with the 34th overall pick?

Adonai Mitchell - WR

It's almost incomprehensible that a talent like Adonai Mitchell is still available in the second round. Even as great of a receiver as Mitchell is, the Patriots should avoid him. It's not because he's a bad player; it's because he won't be the best wide receiver still available. That title belongs to Troy Franklin from the University of Oregon.

Drake Maye will need a number-one receiver to succeed, and Franklin is the better choice. Plus, Mitchell has always been in a Robin situation with someone else being Batman in a wide-receiver duo.

The Patriots have enough Robins and need to finally get themselves a Batman.

Cooper DeJean - CB

Yes, taking a cornerback is a need for the New England defense, especially with Christian Gonzalez coming off of an injury. That said, it makes no sense for the Patriots to take a chance on Cooper DeJean, who's coming off of an injury himself.

Two better options are Kool-Aid McKinstry from Alabama and Ennis Rakestraw Jr. from Missouri. Both are first-round talents who surprisingly fell into the second round.

Zach Frazier - OL

It's no secret that the Patriots offensive line needs improvement. But Frazier wouldn't be much help because there is one offensive lineman with far superior skills, Jackson Powers-Johnson from Oregon.

Frazier is also a center which means the Patriots wouldn't have to address that position again until at least next offseason depending on what happens with David and Jake Andrews.

Powers-Johnson can play both center and guard, giving him a one-up over Frazier. It's better to have a dual-threat lineman than to have a player who is locked into one spot on the offensive line.

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