Patriots reportedly inquired about trade for Pro Bowl quarterback

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

There were a lot of expectations on the Patriots organization heading into the 2024 NFL Draft, from selecting their new franchise quarterback and weaponizing the offense to making some big trades to really put the team over the top.

Fortunately, they accomplished most of what they set out to do, except making a blockbuster trade. Given how well they did with their selections, though, there's not a lot of room to complain about that part.

Leading up to the draft, there had been plenty of rumors about potential trade-down scenarios involving a few other quarterback-needy teams, mainly the Vikings. But apparently, that wasn't the only trade that the Patriots had involving a quarterback and the draft.

Patriots reportedly inquired about trade for Pro Bowl quarterback

According to general manager Joe Hortiz, the Chargers were approached during the NFL Combine earlier this year by a few times regarding the availability of quarterback Justin Herbert.

Because new head coach Jim Harbaugh had continuously blabbed about how incredible J.J. McCarthy was, there was speculation about him doing the unthinkable and trading away Herbert to draft the former Michigan quarterback with pick No. 5.

Ultimately, that's now what happened, and instead, they took the highest-graded left tackle of this year's class.

Hortiz was asked the day of Round 1 last week about those inquiries, confirming they did happen but didn't name-drop which teams they were. ESPN later identified the Patriots as one.

"No. No, at the combine, I had some people ask me, ‘would we consider it,’ and they were quickly shot down. No, that is never an option."

It's a bit surprising to hear about this now, only because Jerod Mayo has said they knew they were taking Drake Maye with their pick for a few months. Perhaps at the time of the Combine, it wasn't a solid plan yet, or the Commanders were still on the fence about who they wanted.

But it's good to hear New England was doing its due diligence regarding potential quarterback trades, which could have resulted in a massive trade-down on draft night.

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