Patriots receiver refuses to answer questions about possible DeAndre Hopkins signing

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Not everyone in New England is excited about a potential DeAndre Hopkins signing.

Despite the overwhelming optimism surrounding the Patriots' ability to bring in the five-time Pro Bowl receiver, with even some players sharing their excitement as well, DeVante Parker appeared not to be interested in discussing the possibility of gaining a new teammate.

After minicamp practice on Tuesday, Parker spoke to the media and was immediately questioned about Hopkins' potential arrival. However, unlike what some of his peers had to say about the situation, Parker wasn't interested in commenting on it at all.

"I’m just focused on us right now. Great player, but I’m just focused on us."

Because of his typical Patriots-like answer, another reporter attempted to pry an actual response out of him, asking if he had ever met Hopkins. But Parker remained mum and repeated that he was focused on the current team.

That was followed up with another question, asking if he felt the offense needed a guy like Hopkins to help elevate the receiving corps.

"I’m focused on us, man. Next question. … Next question."

It shouldn't come as a surprise that a Patriots player wouldn't exactly be interested in discussing a player not on the team; even Belichick is known for doing that over the years. But with Parker, there's an added layer that people may be overlooking.

Although they presumably have the cap room to sign Hopkins if he does decide to do so, most believe that his arrival would put Parker's position on the team in jeopardy.

Since they are both perimeter receivers, he would likely see less time on the field or even be cut/traded, neither of which would be great news for Parker.

On the other hand, it appears there may be some lingering injury concerns with newly acquired wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster, who is yet to be seen during practices this spring. If that becomes a more significant issue, it wouldn't make sense for the team to move on from Parker so suddenly.

From what we've seen through OTAs and minicamp, Kendrick Bourne and Parker have been the leading receivers on the field, outside of Mike Gesicki and Ty Montgomery. If that indicates how the team feels about Parker, he may be safer than what is projected if Hopkins signs with the team.