Patriots receive more good news about the upcoming NFL draft

2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Tim Warner/GettyImages

With a pick as high as the Patriots have in the first round of the upcoming draft, it will be a tough choice in deciding what position to prioritize. To most, it isn't difficult when you need a quarterback, which the Patriots do. However, they are also in dire need of a game-changing wide receiver and top-notch offensive line talent, both of which they could get with the third overall pick.

Some believe it would be ideal if the best of the quarterback class are gone by the time they're on the clock, they should look at other players, mainly Marvin Harrison Jr., or trade out of their pick to acquire more.

However, others want them to look at the highly touted offensive tackles that would be available at that point, like Notre Dame's Joe Alt, in case they do choose not to go with a signal caller.

But the latest from NFL draft expert Daniel Jeremiah suggests they won't have to secure an offensive lineman that early if they want to prioritize other roster holes.

According to Jeremiah, the class of offensive tackles is deep this year, citing at least 8-10 that stand out as the most desirable. If that's the case, New England could afford to wait until the second round, and maybe even trade back in if they want to take a skill position as well.

The good thing is the Patriots have options with the third pick

Because Jeremiah is a trusted source for college talent entering the draft, it's fair to assume he accurately assesses how deep the class is this year. It's an excellent sign for the Patriots, who need to address multiple positions early and with the best available, especially when the offensive line free agents aren't the most exciting this year.

That's also something to consider, though. Free agency begins more than a month before the draft. That will allow New England to address some of the needier spots on the team sooner, in whatever capacity they choose.

Then, they won't have as many concerns during the draft.

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