Patriots News: Tom Brady, Rex Burkhead, Kyle Dugger and Ben McAdoo

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Catch up with all the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots this week as fans join the rest of the league in preparing to watch Super Bowl LVIII this weekend.

Tom Brady gives his stamp of approval for Jerod Mayo as the next Patriots head coach

When the Patriots announced Jerod Mayo would succeed Bill Belichick pretty quickly after revealing the tenured coach was leaving the team, there were many questions about Robert Kraft's decision to skip interviewing any outside candidates.

Besides those vocalized worries, others mentioned Mayo's inexperience as cause for concern since he hadn't even been a coordinator yet in his coaching career. However, the countless players and fellow coaches who spoke out in support of his promotion seemed to ease the tension amongst the fans and media, especially coming from current players on the roster.

More recently, Tom Brady shared his take on the new head coach, sharing his detailed support for his former teammate during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show last week.

Because Brady was teammates with Mayo and worked alongside Belichick for over 20 years, his opinion holds more weight than most.

He understands the culture in New England and the type of coach that will thrive there, so if he has this much belief in Mayo being successful and good at what he does, he must really mean it.