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Michael Strahan admits the Giants didn't feel worthy of being in Super Bowl XLIX against the Patriots

Tom Brady keeps the hits coming, recently featuring more phenomenal guests on his "Let's Go!" podcast. This time, he had former Giants linebacker turned TV-host Michael Strahan on the show.

And, of course, they had to discuss that one Super Bowl that most Patriots fans would like to forget ever happened: Super Bowl XLIX.

When the game was mentioned, Strahan spoke about how exhausted he was at the end, having left it all on the field. He acknowledged that the Patriots were so good (they were undefeated, you know) and the Giants were "just a bunch of guys just happy not to be home."

He also admitted his appreciation for how championship games work in the NFL since it's just one game and not a series like in the NBA, NHL, or MLB because if that were the case, he feels they would have had no chance.

“We didn’t want our togetherness to end because we loved being around each other so much. I always say, the great thing about football, you just got to win one. You don’t have to win one out of three, one out of five, one out of seven. There’s no way we would have done that against you guys. No way.”

It's good to see Brady able to have these conversations despite the unhappy memories attached to losing that game, even if they did go on to win three more Lombardi's over the next 13 years. It's also funny that he continues to joke about being angry over the loss because is it really a joke?

Many Patriots fans are still upset about losing that game, and who can blame them?