Patriots News: Mac Jones, Matthew Judon, Kenny Pickett and Rhamondre Stevenson

  • Bill Belichick won't talk about Mac Jones
  • Could Matthew Judon return during the final 5 games of the season?
  • Update on Rhamondre Stevenson's injury

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Matthew Judon could still return this season after his injury

When Matthew Judon went down with a significant injury earlier this season, it was an absolute gut punch to an already depleted Patriots team. His injury came in the same game as Christian Gonzalez, who unfortunately suffered a torn labrum that ended his season far too early.

Judon didn't receive the same fate, though, as he was able to undergo bicep surgery and was said to have a chance at returning late in the season. Now that it's December with just five games left, the assumption has been that the linebacker will sit the rest of the way and not return. After all, the Patriots are now 2-10 and eliminated from the postseason, so why would Judon want to come back?

Well, Belichick provided a bit of an update on him when speaking to reporters this morning and it could be good news for those who were hoping to see the red sleeves back on the field this season.

"We'll see. That's a good question. We'll see. That's a medical question so we'll see how that plays out. I know he's working hard. You know, Matt's been in here, he works hard on a daily basis, but again that's a medical question that I wouldn't be able to answer."

It may not be an absolute yes or no, but it leaves the door open for Judon to (probably) be the decision maker on if it happens or not.

It's an interesting debatable conversation, too, since he would be an instant boost to the offense and team morale, but at the same time, it would be risking injury again if he did get back on the field. And for some, the risk is not worth the reward, which may just be a win or two at this point.