Matthew Judon shares controversial injury update as Patriots season nears its end

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Among the slew of unfortunate injuries that Patriots players have suffered this season is Matthew Judon, who tore his biceps in the Week 4 matchup against the Cowboys. It was a devastating blow to an already struggling team, and to make matters worse, Christian Gonzalez would leave the same game with a season-ending injury.

Fortunately, Judon was able to avoid that fate and underwent surgery to repair his biceps. That was said to allow him to more than likely return later in the season, which is seemingly coming up in the next couple of weeks.

The linebacker was seen on the sideline throughout his rehab to support his teammates during games. He even traveled with the team for road games and appeared in good spirits. Although that hasn't been the case in recent weeks, there hasn't been any update regarding his progress or if he is inching closer to returning to the field.

That is until Judon took to Twitter to reveal a potential controversy about his injury on Wednesday.

He quoted a tweet by the NFL, who posted a video of Aaron Rodgers back at practice for the Jets this week, opening up his 21-day return window to come off injured reserve after tearing his Achilles in the season opener. Judon wrote "N I can't play" along with two disappointed emojis, and his words are being interpreted in a few different ways.

Considering how quickly Rodgers was able to return from what is typically a season-ending injury, was Judon implying that the Patriots will not allow him to play again this season due to his surgically repaired biceps?

Or perhaps he was expressing his disappointment with being unable to play against a quarterback like Rodgers since the Patriots have another game against New York?

Most are assuming the worst of the two scenarios, especially since there have been no updates about Judon's health since his surgery. But why would the Patriots not allow their best defensive player to return this season? It surely can't be due to missing the postseason or because they're not performing well. If anything, that should be all the more reason for him to return, right?

Maybe fans are looking too much into it and assuming the worst. But given the context of what Judon had to say, it doesn't feel too far off from what is likely happening in Foxboro.

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