Patriots News: Mac Jones, Matthew Judon, Kenny Pickett and Rhamondre Stevenson

  • Bill Belichick won't talk about Mac Jones
  • Could Matthew Judon return during the final 5 games of the season?
  • Update on Rhamondre Stevenson's injury

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Catch up with the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots as they quickly shift their focus from a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers to a matchup on Thursday Night Football with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bill Belichick won't discuss why Mac Jones has regressed this season

Among the many topics Bill Belichick discussed Monday morning when speaking to the media was Mac Jones and how the once-promising quarterback has gotten to the point of being benched in place of his backup. Although it seemed inevitable this season, it's a far cry from how he performed during his rookie season, with now two years of progressive regression dominating the discussion about the quarterback.

Belichick was asked outright for an explanation of why Jones has regressed. But in typical form, the head coach couldn't, or wouldn't, provide an actual answer.

Usually, that is frustrating when it's a response to a valid question. However, his acknowledgment of it being something he'd need to take time to look back on and reflect on seems like a move in the right direction for a typically tight-lipped guy. And, of course, we can't expect him to sit up in front of reporters and provide the real reason for Jones's regression, especially when coaching is at the top of the list.

Because that is the truth, and it's never easy to take accountability for something as significant as possibly ruining a young player's career. Hopefully, Belichick and the entire Patriots franchise will deep dive into all that brought Jones to this point. It's not something that happened overnight, nor is it something he did all on his own.

Coaching is essential for every player on every team. It's why team owners will fire their head coaches mid-season if they think it will ultimately benefit them immediately. Belichick cannot continue being excused regarding Jones' regression, even if it doesn't all fall on his shoulders.

It will be even more critical for them all to genuinely reflect on the last three seasons if they intend on selecting a top quarterback prospect in next year's draft. You can't expect a new QB to thrive in an environment that didn't work for Jones and yield completely different results.