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Rob Gronkowski shares he was scolded by Patriots brass for draft celebration

Given how the Bill Belichick era in New England is depicted in Apple TV's docuseries "The Dynasty," is it shocking to anyone to hear that Rob Gronkowski got in trouble within minutes of being drafted in 2010?

Likely not, and according to the tight end, that's exactly what happened.

In a teaser clip posted to Twitter/X, Gronkowski recounts the moments following his name being called in the second round and the happiness he felt at being drafted. His reaction to officially becoming a player in the NFL has become infamous over the years, mainly due to his entire family joining him in celebration on stage.

But as much as that has entertained fans over the last 14 years, the Patriots brass were not too pleased with the prolonged and excited reaction.

Despite what some may have considered an over-the-top reaction by the Gronkowski's, it really was just a genuine moment between a close-knit family expressing their joy for Rob being drafted, probably even more so that it was a team like the Patriots.

So it's kind of disappointing to hear that he was called by Belichick or another executive and told to get off the stage. That's not exactly a warm welcome.

Luckily, his entire tenure in New England didn't pan out that way, as Gronkowski was one of the few players allowed to be his authentic self nearly 100% of the time. He broke a lot of rules that seemed to be set by Belichick with his silly behavior and dance moves, etc., and Patriots fans are forever thankful we got to experience the best tight end in the history of the NFL for nine years.