Bill Belichick will likely hate how Patriots docuseries 'The Dynasty' turned out

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The long-awaited docuseries entitled "The Dynasty" was officially released on Friday on Apple TV+, giving Patriots fans another thing to be excited about this offseason. Now, they can finally watch the first two episodes and relive some of the team's glory days by hearing about it from the players and coaches themselves.

A lot has been made about the series, mainly because it's based on the book with the same title by Jeff Benedict, and most of the behind-the-scenes details have already been revealed. However, this is the first time the 20 years are being recollected by the team on camera, and their discussion covers the entire dynasty, even the bitter end.

Because things between Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft weren't so peachy in the latter years, it's assumed it will be a bit of a difficult watch when those points are covered in the documentary. And from what is being told by those who have gotten an early viewing of the series, some harsh truths are said, particularly about Belichick, that the head coach may not be too thrilled about.

NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran was one of the reporters who had the opportunity to watch the documentary in full, and he gave his impression of it all during an appearance on WEEI's "Jones & Mego with Arcand" on Thursday.

He was asked how he thought Belichick would feel about it all, and without hesitation, Curran believes he didn't enjoy participating in it and will likely not enjoy the final product, either.

“Hated it. What’s going to be really striking for people is watching the first two episodes and seeing just how different Bill is in 2000 and 2001 than he is in 2024.”

Curran cites Belichick's lack of enthusiasm during the series as further proof that he wasn't happy with the project, as he probably already knew what was written in the book. And because he's a relatively private person and coach, a tell-all book is not exactly something he would want put out there.

“I don’t think Bill liked it. I don’t think Bill’s gonna love it but it’s not slanted. We do have Matthew Slater or Devin McCourty giving a very unvarnished opinion that is unflattering to Bill on the way he created an atmosphere in the latter portions of the dynasty.”

Given that many are saying the series doesn't paint Belichick in the best light, can you really blame him for not being overly enthusiastic about it?

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