Patriots News: Christian Barmore, Cam Newton and Jalen Ramsey update

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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The Dolphins activated Jalen Ramsey for Patriots matchup

After the news had been essentially spoiled last week, at least, that's one way you could interpret his response to the report. Miami cornerback Jalen Ramsey will, in fact, be active for the Dolphins matchup with the Patriots on Sunday.

Ramsey had refuted the initial reports last week when they claimed he had been cleared to return to the field after recovering from knee surgery he had during the summer.

He tried to clarify what was being said by claiming the trainers hadn't told him anything, but it appears that was more of a way to calm down the excitement rather than actually refuting what was reported.

Adam Schefter (once again) shared the news on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, revealing that the Dolphins had officially activated the six-time Pro Bowler ahead of their divisional matchup, a revelation the Patriots were preparing for and expecting.