Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jalen Ramsey, Josh Uche, and more

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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No matter what is going on in the landscape of the NFL, it feels like the Patriots have been unable to escape making headlines for almost anything this season. That continues to be true as they prepare for their Week 8 matchup with the Dolphins, who they nearly beat in their first meeting last month.

Besides the constant whispers about Mac Jones and his future as the quarterback in New England, there has been a lot of conversation regarding Bill Belichick's job security as the Patriots have another disappointing start to a season.

Despite the number of analysts and insiders who claimed Robert Kraft was nearing the point of firing the legendary head coach, it was revealed recently that Belichick signed a contract extension prior to the start of the season. That suddenly changed all narratives that had been floating, and now we've got some more potential insight into what the new contract may mean.

Latest rumor regarding Bill Belichick's extension

When it comes to reporters who claim to have sources inside the Patriots organization, it's a bit difficult to trust what they have to say, mainly because they have been proven wrong so many times over the years.

It's well known that they are a tight-lipped team that doesn't like to give too much information to the media, so when something is put out there, it generally will continue until there's nothing left to discuss because those inside Gillette Stadium choose not to join or shut down the conversation.

Unfortunately, that doesn't make the speculation any less entertaining for most people.

That's where The MMQB's Albert Breer comes in, as he made headlines again on Thursday with his latest "reveal" regarding Belichick's contract.

When the news dropped about the extension, it was said to be a lucrative, multiyear deal, but any other details were left unsaid. The assumption has been that Belichick would likely be tied to New England for at least three more years, including the 2023 season, and his salary would seemingly remain on par with how he's been paid up to this point.

However, Breer believes his contract is similar to the one Tom Brady received in 2019, which was initially said to be a multiyear deal but turned out to be just for that upcoming season with several void years after.

If that's the case with Belichick, that leaves the door open for Kraft to move on from him sooner than anticipated. It's what has been speculated all season as the Patriots continued to look poorly coached and losses piled up. It adds another interesting layer to an already uncharacteristic season, with even more potential pressure put on the team and the head coach for the rest of the year.