Patriots News: Bill Burr, Mac Jones, Jonathan Kraft, and Mike Vrabel

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Rob Ninkovich says Jonathan Kraft was "pissed" during Patriots vs Colts game

A lot can be said about how the Patriots' 2023 season has transpired, and most of it would be warranted. But it all seems much worse when the owner and the team's president seem to share the same feeling about the team's outlook as the fans, which is apparently where the Krafts are now.

We heard Robert Kraft share his unhappiness about the team holding a losing record, the worst one through 11 weeks since he bought the team in the mid-90s. And we saw that now infamous video of his son Jonathan appearing to express his displeasure with the team, where he seems to say, "We're not good enough."

But apparently, that's not the tip of the iceberg regarding Jonathan's frustrations.

The moment in the viral video occurred during the Patriots matchup with the Commanders, a game they should have and could have easily won. The latest report discussing Kraft's latest instance of irritation came after their latest loss to the Colts in embarrassing fashion, which Rob Ninkovich detailed on "The Dan and Ninko Show" podcast last week.

The former Patriot was in Germany for the game and recalled what he saw and heard from Kraft after the game.

"Jonathan gets very vocal, very vocal. He was just not happy. So, he was very mad two times. He was very mad. They didn’t have a returner on one of the punt rushes. They were trying to block the punt. So, he was pissed.

He was like, ‘Why the (expletive) don’t we have a returner back there? This is stupid. The ball’s going to get pinned down there and we’re going to be on the 1-yard line.’ He was so pissed. He was so pissed. Mr. (Robert) Kraft is pretty even-keeled, though."

That was a reaction most watching the game certainly shared with Kraft, as it remains a questionable moment even a week later.

It also makes things more interesting when considering what his comments could mean for Bill Belichick, as he would've been partly responsible for the failed play. Perhaps the Krafts are also tired of the head coach, as this mistake goes beyond just the roster.

Ninkovich also shared that Jonathan wasn't pleased about Mac Jones' essentially game-sealing interception, saying he reiterated how bad the Patriots team currently is.

"He was pissed at the interception. He was like, ‘We’re bad.’"

How will this impact what the organization will do come the offseason?

If the Krafts have this feeling about the Patriots 10 weeks into an 18-week season, surely significant changes will be made, right?

It's just the latest update that will make fans intently pay attention to every tiny move the team makes as soon as the season ends.