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Peter King believes Mac Jones wrecked his career with latest game performance

Since the Patriots' latest loss to the Colts in Week 10, most conversation has focused on the momentum-killing, head-scratching, "Why did he do that?" Mac Jones's fourth-quarter interception.

If anything, it's actually become even more puzzling upon further review.

It was a play that ultimately led to the quarterback's third benching of the season, despite the limited time left in the game and is now considered the leading basis for why he should remain on the sideline or even be cut. But that's not even the worst of it.

Long-time NFL writer Peter King referred to the horrific play as a "career-wrecking interception" in one of his recently published articles, a harsh yet potentially accurate conclusion to make about a quarterback already on a short-leash.

"That wasn’t just a big interception Jones threw to cost the Patriots the game in Frankfurt Sunday. That might have been a career-wrecking interception."

It's a take that many around New England are starting to share, as Jones's starting potential remains in question for the final seven games of the season. We seemed to get an indication that he would remain the starter when the team practiced during the bye week on Wednesday, with Jones noticeably working with the starting offense over Bailey Zappe.

That can change when they return to Gillette Stadium next week, but that short leash on Jones is likely choking him now. He won't have much leniency moving forward, which is warranted, and there are other quarterbacks on the roster that Belichick can choose to experiment with, including Malik Cunningham and Will Grier.

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