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Tom Brady shares who he believes is the MVP of the 2023 season

A lot has been said this year regarding the current state of the National Football League. From deeming the game mediocre to labeling quarterbacks as game changers or game managers, a lot of opinions have been shared, none of which are too favorable for the league.

Within the criticism of how the game has changed has been the debate of who the frontrunning MVP is in 2023. Most have concluded it's likely not a quarterback, with others suggesting it is clearly Tyreek Hill, as he is on path to breaking all sorts of records with his performance this season.

But that's not the road Tom Brady is going down with who he believes deserves the honor this year. He revealed who he would pick as the MVP this year on the latest episode of his "Let's Go!" podcast earlier this week, where he made a strong case for 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

"I remember the first time I actually got a glimpse of Christian was in the Rose Bowl,” Brady said. “He caught an angle pass against Iowa and ran for about a 75-yard touchdown. I was like, ‘Well, they’re not gonna catch him.’ He was a dynamic player then. He is a dynamic player now, and I think all of what he’s done this year is a lot of what he’s done in the past. It’s a different team with some different opportunities and they’ve been really dynamic on offense.

So he is definitely in my mind the MVP favorite and according to his quarterback too, Brock Purdy, who says some amazing things about him... And I know you’ll say, because you’re a great team player, the Super Bowl is the only thing that really matters. With the offseason that the running backs have, do you kind of feel like an award like that would be pretty nice?”

He makes an excellent point that if McCaffrey were to win the MVP, it could be a sign of the tide turning regarding the coaches' and general managers' view of the importance of running backs in today's game.

With all the top RB talent heading to free agency, it could be a significant momentum shift in the market, especially those who are at the top of the league in the position.