Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Mac Jones, Michael Onwenu and Chad Ryland

  • Bill O'Brien's support of Bill Belichick is not wavering
  • Mac Jones lets his feelings about the Patriots well-known
  • Chad Ryland's season appears unsafe with latest list of free agent workouts

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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Get updated with the latest news surrounding the Patriots as they prepare for their Week 13 matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Bill O'Brien passionately defends Bill Belichick amidst questions about his future in New England

Within the barrage of negativity swarming out of New England due to the Patriots' uncharacteristically bad season is constant questioning of Bill Belichick and his stance as the head coach for the future. Despite reports revealing a multi-year extension was agreed upon prior to the season, there are several people who believe it would be best for Belichick to coach elsewhere in 2024, a debate that intensifies after every new loss.

It's gotten to the point that it's not just disgruntled fans expressing their desires to see the legendary head coach move on; we're now seeing analysts and even former Patriots players share the same mindset.

But what about inside the organization? Clearly, they're all hearing all of it, right?

Bill O'Brien was asked just that during a video conference on Tuesday morning, with a reporter questioning if it was "awkward" to hear all of the latest takes regarding Belichick's job security. And to nobody's surprise, the offensive coordinator defended his longtime boss with a straightforward defense that certainly holds weight.

"You really don’t see all of that. Now, look, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that when you’re home on a Saturday with your family, or whatever, that you don’t hear it or see it. Like, I understand that. But, like, this is Bill Belichick we’re talking about. Bill Belichick has done so much for the game of football, the New England Patriots organization."

The most significant part of his statement is the reiteration of all that Belichick has done for the game of football. It's something that is now being questioned by fans and media members to the point of many discrediting what he's accomplished during his 20+ years in New England.

Most of that has come since Tom Brady left the team three years ago, and the Patriots haven't experienced much winning. Despite rebuilds never being something that comes together overnight, or even in a few years, Belichick's coaching abilities are being scrutinized and diminished, even more so this season as the losses continue to pile up.

Despite that, O'Brien says the coach has done far too much in his career for it all to be dismantled now, even if this season isn't going how they hoped.

"It’s football, we’ve lost some tight games. You know, to think about what he’s done here in this organization, what he’s done for this community, what he’s done for this game — for the game, the game of football. He’s been 50 years in the game of football. Just to me, like, I think everybody just needs to understand, look, we’ve all got to win. We understand we’re in a winning business. We’re not winning right now. But I think you’ve also got to step back and just (say), ‘Hey, look at what this guy’s done for the game of football.’ I think that’s very important to think about."

"I think that's very important to think about."

That is a true statement, and it will undoubtedly play a significant role in whatever inevitable decision Robert Kraft makes about Belichick's future with the team.