Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jonathan Kraft, Cam Newton, and Calvin Ridley

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Mack Wilson reveals Patriots players were kept in the dark about Bill Belichick's departure

The news of Bill Belichick leaving the Patriots after 24 years shocked most New England fans, while others expected it from a mile away. But apparently, those caught off guard weren't the only ones, as Mack Wilson revealed the players were not informed of the head coach's exit before the press conference with Robert Kraft.

The linebacker shared that insight with AtoZ Sports earlier this week and admitted to feeling similar to the fans at home upon hearing the news.

“Honestly, we didn’t know as players. I feel like we was just taking it one day at a time, trying to put our best foot forward. And we honestly didn’t know if Bill was gonna be the head coach, if they was gonna move on from Bill, if (Jerod) Mayo was gonna get the head coach — we didn’t know nothing. Obviously until we heard that RKK (Robert Kraft) and Bill was gonna have the little thing together and whatnot and to discuss the future. I didn’t even get that feeling. We definitely didn’t see it coming like that for real. Honestly, we didn’t think it was gonna happen.”

Given the significance of the news, it seems odd that not a single player was told beforehand, and they found out along with the rest of us. It seems like a decision that would've been shared with them at least minutes before Belichick and Kraft stood at the podium in front of the media, which makes you wonder if it was more of a last-second decision.

Maybe it was thoroughly thought through, like the duo suggested in their statements and perhaps players weren't told earlier due to the risk of the news leaking to the media before they could reveal it themselves.

However, keeping them in the dark regarding news of this nature seems unfair, especially concerning a coach like Belichick. It's not like he was just brought in two years ago and did nothing for the team. And because of that, it feels like an announcement that would be shared with those most impacted by his exit: the players.

But maybe this is standard procedure in the NFL?