Bill Belichick gets emotional in final press conference with Patriots

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Even on his last day with the New England Patriots, it was business as usual for Bill Belichick as he spoke to the media during the press conference regarding his departure from the team. It was reported there wouldn't be any questions, and it would just be the coach and Robert Kraft reading statements to address the news.

That's exactly what they did, but Belichick's decision to speak from the heart made the moment a little more intriguing. He didn't come out with a prepared statement. He didn't read from anything. He spoke openly and honestly, in his own Belichickian way, and addressed the organization, coaches, staff, players, and fans.

And that's when things got emotional.

Shockingly, when addressing the fans, Belichick's voice had a noticeable crack. It was clear he was emotional when speaking about his admiration and appreciation for the fans in New England and all the support they've given him and the team over the last 24 years.

It was a different side to the generally monotone coach who became infamous for not showing anything beyond a seriousness for the game of football. It also proved that a part of him still may have wanted to remain in New England, even if we don't know exactly why he's leaving and if he made the decision himself.

We will gain more clarity on the entire situation when Kraft speaks to the media at 2 pm eastern, where is said to be answering questions from reporters and will likely provide more details on what led to the split.

Although it seems obvious to some, there is still a lot of concern surrounding the idea of moving on from the legendary head coach, especially when considering who would be the best person to replace him. There was a hope Belichick would remain the head coach and a new general manager would be brought in, an idea he seemed open to, but that was apparently not enough to keep him in Foxboro for another season.

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