Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jack Jones and Jabrill Peppers

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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Catch up with the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots as they prepare for their Week 12 matchup with the New York Giants on Sunday.

Bill Belichick has been helping to coach the offensive line in Adrian Klemm's absence

As one of the most struggling units on the team, hearing that Adrian Klemm would be missing time due to health issues couldn't have come at a worse time for the offensive line. It's clear the offense, in totality, is playing poorly, but a lot of it has been due to the inconsistency of the linemen, which seemed destined to worsen in Klemm's absence.

Luckily, Bill O'Brien provided an update on him earlier this week, stating Klemm is doing a lot better, and also revealed a few other coaches have been stepping up to help coach the line in his absence, including Bill Belichick.

"I know Adrian’s doing better.We’ve all been in text communication with him, and he’s doing a lot better. I don’t want to speak for him. Anytime you lose a guy off your staff, it’s tough. But we have Billy Yates here, who’s the assistant line coach who’s played in this system, does a really good job. And we have Will Lawing, who coaches the tight ends who has a lot of background with tight ends, offensive line.

And then obviously we have Bill Belichick, who has a lot of background with that position — tight end and offensive line. We have enough hands on deck, but it’s not ideal, that’s for sure."

First and foremost, it's wonderful to hear that Coach Klemm is improving, and hopefully, he will be back to full health soon.

Other than that, it's interesting to hear just how many coaches have been getting involved with coaching the line since he's been out. Although the unit has been a problem for most of the season, they were particularly bad last week when they allowed five sacks on Mac Jones in just the first half. They were down Trent Brown, one of the better players on the offense, which significantly impacted their performance, but it's safe to say that had he been on the field, he wouldn't have been able to prevent all five sacks from happening.

Now that Brown was spotted at Tuesday's practice and appears ready to return for the Week 12 game, some of the linemen were asked for their thoughts on having Belichick work with them in preparation for the Giants.

David Andrews approved of the decision (of course) and remained complimentary of his longtime coach doing "whatever role he seems is necessary" to help better the team.

"I’ve had an obviously good relationship with Coach for a long time. I think he’s doing everything he can to try to help our football team and try to make us play better. Obviously we’ve got to do better up front. It’s just part of it. I think there’s always — we have Billy (Yates). Billy does a great job for us. I think everyone else — Coach is trying to do whatever he can to help our football team. I think that’s — he’s always done that with whatever role he seems is necessary. Right now, that’s us."

How this will ultimately benefit their performance on Sunday will surely be one of the details to pay attention to, especially with so much on the line depending on the result for both teams.