Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Adrian Klemm & J.C. Jackson

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As the Patriots prepare to fly off to Germany for their first-ever game in the country against the Colts in Week 10, there's plenty of news (and rumors) to catch up with.

New rumor suggest Bill Belichick leaked report about his offseason multi-year extension

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the leak about Bill Belichick's contract extension that reportedly took place before the start of the 2023 season. Because of its timing, just hours before game time, and the fact it came from a historically tight-lipped franchise, there has been some belief that the person responsible for the leak was Belichick himself.

That theory has gained more traction in recent days, with Ben Volin of the Boston Globe sharing his belief regarding Belichick's possible motive in wanting the details made public.

"Taken at its face, the report indicated that Belichick will be back with the Patriots next year. But two people close to the team believe the report was really Belichick sending a message to Robert and Jonathan Kraft: ‘Don’t forget that I signed a multiyear contract. If you fire me, I have a big, fat buyout coming, and I intend to collect every penny.'"

He makes an interesting point, especially since the most common narrative about Belichick this season has been about him losing his touch, and it's time for the Krafts to move on from him, whether mid-season or by season's end.

That could be all it took for Belichick to want the details about his contract out there, settling any debate about his job security right now and in the future. The problem with that is it doesn't mean he won't inevitably be let go anyway.

Sure, the Patriots would be on the hook to pay him whatever amount they agreed to and the duration of time the contract says. But that is unlikely to be a roadblock for a team owner who believes it's time to let go of a legendary head coach like Belichick. If he's come to that hard decision, he's probably willing to take on the ramifications of doing so.

Plus, other rumors suggest there have already been conversations about potential successors to Belichick as soon as next season, including Mike Vrabel. That makes it seem like he's not as untouchable as previously thought.

But at the end of the day, it's still all just a string of rumors. When it comes to the Patriots, nothing is ever truly revealed until something actually happens, and it's easy to add more gossip to an already sizzling fire of speculation like the team has been dealing with all season.