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Rob Gronkowski reveals Tom Brady texted him a highlight video recently saying 'No one done it like us'

Tom Brady may have finally retired, and the same can be said about his favorite tight end, Rob Gronkowski, but the duo has not completely turned their back on football just yet.

While appearing on "Pardon My Take" this week, Gronk was asked about his longtime quarterback and when Brady is asked about returning if he is automatically thrown into the conversation now.

Although he didn't really touch on that part, Gronk did mention he spoke to him the day before, as Brady texted him a compilation video of their postseason touchdowns, which got him all fired up about their years spent together on the field.

"The last time I talked to [Brady] was actually yesterday. He sent me a clip of our playoff touchdowns and he wrote to me: 'Bro, no one done it like us.'"

Some Patriots fans may feel super far removed from either of these two being on the team, but it's cool to hear they still reminisce about the good times, just like we do.

It has become even more relevant for some this year because of how lackluster and disappointing New England has played this year, but hopefully, that won't last much longer, and there won't be a need to keep watching old clips and dreaming of the old days anymore.