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More improvements are coming to Gillette Stadium after failed NFLPA report card

The NFLPA began a report card system last year that surveyed players on every team to grade various aspects of the team's facility to provide not only feedback to the owner but also the coaching staff.

In the two years the Patriots have participated, they have not received glowing reviews. In fact, the most recent one revealed this offseason painted the stadium as doing the bare minimum in various areas, including a lack of provided childcare, an out-of-date weight room, and uncomfortable travel arrangements.

Since the unflattering grades were released, not much has been said from the Patriots organization regarding their reaction or decision to make improvements until Jerod Mayo addressed the situation while speaking to reporters at the Annual League Meeting this week.

“The report card, I think it’s very important. I think it just reminds staffs and owners of things that we need to improve on. Going forward, the Kraft family once again, when you see a grade that’s not favorable, it does bring attention to it. In saying that, we put together a group that’s really going to attack some of the problems, some of the things that we’ve seen on the report card. But once again, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take time to improve those things.”

Hopefully, it's not just lip service from Mayo, and there will be a persistent effort to improve the overall work environment for the team. Otherwise, that will become another roadblock in their path to becoming a desirable team to play for once again.

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