Patriots might have more competition for a quarterback in 2024 Draft

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As the 2024 NFL Draft nears, more rumors about teams wanting to trade up to acquire one of the best quarterbacks of the class are only going to become more frequent. The team leading the charge has been the Vikings, who are rumored to have their eyes on Jayden Daniels and J.J. McCarthy, hence their recent loading up on picks to hopefully get a deal done.

The Raiders have also been the subject of speculation, particularly for Daniels due to his connection with head coach Antonio Pierce. The Patriots continue to be the trade partner for both teams in the conversation.

Reports suggest New England is committed to holding onto the third overall pick, while others claim they have already had exploratory talks about trading down. Jerod Mayo revealed both are being discussed with the staff ahead of the draft, so there's not much clarity about what to expect.

But they might reconsider their stance with the latest rumors suggesting another team could be added to the mix for a quarterback in this year's draft.

The New York Giants might be ready to move on from Daniel Jones and trade up in the 2024 Draft

To say the Giants have had a lot of issues trying to find their next franchise quarterback after they decided to bench Eli Manning and then his retirement shortly after that would be quite an understatement.

The same could be said about the Patriots, but they didn't make the same mistake as their former foes, who paid an underwhelming and injury-prone Daniel Jones $160 million for a 4-year extension last year.

That puts them in a similar boat to the one the Broncos got themselves into with Russell Wilson, where moving on from them is worse than keeping them. However, they are on the books to pay them way too much money.

Because they might be trying to get out of it now, just like the Broncos did by cutting Wilson this offseason, rumors claim they could be looking to take their next (hopeful) franchise quarterback with the fifth overall pick.

Since the Patriots select two spots ahead of them, this typically wouldn't matter. But because the discussion about them trading down continues to heat up, another team taking a quarterback lessens the chance of one falling to them later in the first round, which is a significant problem if that's partly what they would be hoping for.

It might be another determining factor that essentially forces the Patriots to pick their quarterback this year unless they are intrigued by one of the second-tier players like Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr. Those would be their only options outside of the top ten picks, which might not put them in the best position to succeed quickly or long term, depending on who you ask, of course.

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