Patriots media cannot stop with their unfair criticism of Jerod Mayo

New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach
New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

As if most of New England media wasn't insufferable enough, they continue to live up to their reputation with how they are discussing new head coach Jerod Mayo. Other than criticizing how he answered some questions in his introductory press conference, they're taking things to a new level and acting like the man has been in his new position for months instead of days.

Among the more frustrating clips this week is one from NBC Sports Boston, where Tom Curran and Mike Felger discuss their concerns about how the Patriots have gone about their offseason thus far.

In typical form, Felger, known for his consistent unhappiness with whatever the Patriots do or don't do, questions Curran about his seeming lack of concern regarding the team's lack of concrete direction regarding the offense and defense.

Curran responds by sharing that worry but also states he's tired of hearing the same things repeated by the team, claiming "no one cares," and they need to focus on more important things moving forward.

The problem is that the phrases he's saying he's heard enough of were only said during Mayo's initial press conference, which was only three days ago.

If this were all that Mayo and Robert Kraft were saying for months on end, it would make sense for fans and reporters to feel frustrated by the murkiness of the team's direction. But we're talking about literally earlier this week when Kraft and Mayo answered several questions from the media, including one from Curran.

So why are they already saying we need to move on and stop saying things that have only been said once?

Should Mayo fill out the staff, conduct interviews, and prepare for free agency and the draft before revealing his entire plan to the media? Considering that's what they were harping on him about yesterday, it seems wild that they've already moved on to complain about something else.

Patriots media is known for being controversial, but it would be nice if they could be a bit more welcoming and understanding of where the team is at and the amount of changes they're currently working through before growing frustrated with something that will eventually be answered in due time.

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